Flash Wireless


When reliability is a must, you need the nation’s leading wireless network! Choose from single line or family plans.


Enjoy single line and family plans. Now offering unlimited data, talk and text for $59.99/Month.


  • "Using my cell phone, I talk to Italy 2-3 hours/month. Previously, with one of the major providers, my bill was well over $300/month due to these calls overseas. With Flash Wireless international calling plans, my bill dropped to less than $100/month. Now that's significant !"

    Dan from Florida

  • "I have Strive for 5 and pay only $8.65 a month for taxes--- with that, I get unlimited talk, text & data with 50GB of high speed data, plus unlimited international texting, and unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico... I love it !"

    Candice from NY

  • "I was always conditioned to believe that I HAD to pay a cell phone bill. When I found Flash and got my Strive for 5, my life truly was never the same. I have peace of mind and freedom. Flash Wireless gives something that people really need to experience for themselves."

    Nelson from Florida

  • "Prior to Flash, I was a Verizon customer. I was paying $118 a month for my one line of service. I decided to try Flash and now I have the same coverage but only pay $79 plus tax. It was very easy for me to try out the service by simply swapping out my SIM card. I was even able to keep my same phone, and my same phone number! I have been very happy with my Flash service, and the only thing that changed was who I pay my bill too. Now, I’m one customer referral away from having free cell phone service through the Flash Strive for 5 program! No other company could offer me FREE!"

    Sarah from Maryland

  • "I never liked paying my bills (who does??), until I got my Flash Wireless Strive for 5. Now I pay only for taxes. Before being a Flash customer, I was paying over $100/month for my bill. It went down to $50 when I switched to Flash. And once I got 5 referral customers (which is NOT hard to do), my bill is practically free. I have started a travel fund with the money I'm saving so that I can take my family on a fun trip at the end of the year."

    Monica from California